I walnut fail.

I can pecanfident.

I cashew all negativity.

Al-mond my willful ways.

I let others have their own piñons.

I am chestnut going to let things get to me.

I love myself even though I am acorny person.

I must peanuts to think these will work.

I’d better call on the help of my Beloved.


Blessings for the New Year.

Thank you to my subscribers, who inspire me to keep writing. And thank you to my editors, Alli Rand and Lois Gilbert, who watch my back, and to my teacher, Sri Gary Olsen, who ignites my inner adventure.

Silliness is next to Godliness.



Thanks to Rudy Anderson for the initial seed for this post.

Piñon nuts: http://www.flickr.com/people/pgoyette/

Acorns: Wikipedia, Dakota L.

Chestnuts: http://www.flagstaffotos.com.au/gallery23/main.php


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