The more I own my true self, the more brightly the inner flame burns and the more it reflects in my life as form.

Recently I had the opportunity to discuss The Inner Adventure blog on The Mary Jones Show, a radio show in Connecticut. I’ve been doing some radio interviews lately, mostly about my experience as a travel writer.

This was different.

Mary’s show is about “Believing in Yourself,” and is highly spiritual. In the interview, Mary asked about what led to my spiritual path. I told her how, when I was in my late twenties, I lost three loved ones very quickly and that my world fell apart. I rebuilt it with spirituality.

She asked about my practice and I explained that back then I started reading uplifting writings each morning in order to raise my vibration to begin each day. Twenty-five years later, I continue this practice. I write about it more in Dive Deep in the Ocean of Love.

What struck me most about the interview was how much I loved doing it. I could take or leave the ones I’ve done in which I discussed travel writing, but this experience of sharing my truest passion left me completely lit.

This is a sign for me. The glow I felt helps me know that this is where I want to put my energy. It confounds the mind that something so simple as joy could guide me, but why else would God give us emotions if we aren’t meant to use them to help determine what works and what doesn’t?

At the end of the call Mary asked if I had a book about The Inner Adventure and I explained it would be out in 2013. She invited me back on the show when the book is released. And so, I have a new goal now to complete that book. That goal feels as easy and light and gentle as writing these blog posts each week.

After this opportunity to talk about The Inner Adventure, I felt the flame that I am burning more brightly than ever. Of course, any outer manifestation is simply an effect of that. The more I own my true self, the more brightly the inner flame burns and the more it reflects in my life as form.

I keep burning brightly by directing my attention to the Beloved.

Its power is limitless. It is the spark that initiated and sustains all of creation.

I am that.

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