Turquoise pools shimmer, palm trees wave and parakeets zip by. I paddle my kayak toward an infinity line with nothing but blue sky beyond, while the current pushes me into the unknown.

Headed toward the fall’s lip, my fingers tremble on the paddle, my blades slice tentative strokes.  I reach the edge and fly. Water splatters around my head and roars in my ears. I am weightless as I commune with the Divine buoyancy.

I have suspended all thought and am completely in the now, bare in its blue expanse, its airy possibility, its limitless love.

My bow pierces down through frothy, bubbly white and continues underwater. Cool liquid surrounds me, brushing my face and penetrating my ears. I plunge deeper, while bubbles of insight and inspiration percolate.

I rise back to the surface. My whole being glows and the world sparkles with the sense that nothing can stop me in my quest for truth and love.

Reveling in a new freedom, I head toward the next fall. My boat feels a little tippy, but I paddle forward with yet more love.

Every moment a waterfall en route to the great Ocean that I am.

Images: Las Cascadas of Agua Azul, Chiapas, Mexico

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