I grew up in a family of pilots. My parents, brother and sister flew planes—everyone except me. I wanted to fly by my own power.

A lofty goal, I know.

I tried it a few ways. I took lessons in a glider aircraft and tested a hang glider. Both had the amazing feel of flowing on wind currents, but were still too mechanical. They lacked the real sense of freedom I sought.

Then, the Divine taught me to fly.

It happened in my dreams, and at times was so real that during my “waking” life, I thought I could do it here in the material plane. (Of course, I didn’t jump off a building.) The teachings have been vast and have lasted many years, but the most important is the secret to staying aloft:


Yes, that’s it. I don’t check the wind speed, catch up-drafts, hold my body in any particular position or even keep my arms out. No, in order to fly, I simply focus on the Divine.

The moment my attention wavers, I settle back to the ground. If I think about staying aloft, I land. If I try to fly, I remain earthbound. The thrilling buoyancy is graced upon me, and in order to maintain that grace, I rely.

Of course, the real teaching here is not about how to have that blissful experience in my dreams. Instead it is to have it every moment of every day of my life throughout eternity. And I can. When I silently say my mantra and hold my Beloved’s hand, when I love the Divine above all else and smile with the tingling of Its presence, I fly through my days.

I glide over my writing work, listening as the words download from on high. I soar along in my relationships, giving freely and noting but not reacting to sticky criticisms or negative undertones. I slip into my house to tidy it here and there, cleaning the dishes and folding laundry. And I land safely in my bed ready to take wing through the night.

I started flying in my dreams as a child, as many do, but not until I began working with a true Master did the teachings come. If the idea of having a Master makes you uncomfortable, no problem. Your journey is perfect. As Hafiz says, “Each one who has wings will fly off to Eternity.”

P.S. If you’d like to explore learning from a true Master, you can meet one at www.masterpath.org.

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