Mondays can be a challenge for me. My mind awakens with a major agenda to get things done. It has Lists! Priorities! Goals! Desires! It is a total Type A. Usually I do my best to calm it down. I perform my spiritual exercise, then chant my mantra as I look at my calendar to see what the week holds.

But today in my practice, I saw a new image. It is of me as soul—consciousness—high above all the physical world imperatives: I bask serenely in what the mystics call the Ocean of Love and Mercy, which is the great Divine truth.

My only job is to channel to the various parts of my creation. They are really just my dream—nothing comes from them. All I need to do is direct a little love toward work, toward my relationships, a bit to my home, and a sweet outpouring to my physical and emotional selves. That’s it, very simple.

While the mind has a thousand goals, soul has one, to unite with the Beloved, to be the love that it innately is, and to give to its creation.

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