Lately, when my confidence wavers, I think of Secretariat, the horse that in 1973 won the Triple Crown. In the 38 years since, his record-breaking time has never been beaten, and when he died, an autopsy revealed his heart was twice the size of a normal horse heart.

Besides the beautiful metaphor that such a large heart evokes—about passion and love—qualities he had in abundance, this amazing tale has an even larger meaning for me.

When I consider that all in the material world is merely a reflection of the higher—of one’s concept of who they are—I see that Secretariat’s heart, and his ability to run with such ease, were really effects of his huge courage and winning spirit.

This Superhorse owned his running mastership.

I can do the same every day as I face my life. I can own my own Secretariat power. When I come into the now and connect with the Divine current, I am tapping into the Infinite. It is the power that hurtles the Space Shuttle beyond Earth’s atmosphere, that fuels great storms like Hurricane Irene and spawns creative movements such as the Renaissance. It is the power of the ocean, the sun, the entire Cosmos. All of that is available to me, any moment that I call on the Divine, come into the now and do what is right in front of me.

That power can be used to criticize, to over-drink or watch too many reality shows. When it is channeled to selflessly give love, it increases exponentially.

Every moment, I can choose how to harness the amazing energy of my own double-size heart.

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