As I make over my career into a more loving experience, I find myself wanting to be saved, to have some big mother lode come in so that I will know that I have enough money and energy to support myself. But this morning during my practice I saw that my mother lode is right here, right now.

It is like a river. My fearful mind wants out of the flow. It wants to stand dry on the shore and say, whew, glad I’ve arrived. But truly the great joy is being in the flow of the river—to be the current, moving freely along the bank.

For the current, life is dynamic and fun, full of witty ripples, profound curves and hilarious waves. That is my life when I embrace the now. And when I do this, the mother lode comes to me exactly when I need it. The Divine doles it out in a balanced and healthy way, which continuously supports my great love flow.

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