How to Flow Money in 3 Easy Steps

Many years ago, when I would have a leaky faucet in my house, I would get a heavy feeling in my chest and stomach. How much is this going to cost? I would fret. The larger the problem, the more my anguish. Will I be able to afford this? I would ask myself.

Today, though I’ll sometimes have a moment of anxiety, it is quickly replaced by gratitude. Oh good, I get to outflow to my favorite plumber, Charlie. He is a Master plumber and an especially nice guy, so having this attitude is easy, and when I write the check my joy is sincere.

What’s amazing is that I have that same attitude when I pay my accountant, my mortgage—even my taxes!

The secret is in knowing deeply that I don’t have money. Instead, my job each day is to Flow love, energy and money. If I believe that I am wealthy, that is a fixed notion—it is a concept of the mind, and the mind wants to own everything.

In the “Flow” concept, I own nothing. All in my possession—my house, car, computer and the cash in my bank account—belong to the Divine. I am simply using those things. This is a wonderful attitude because it means that I have nothing to lose, literally, since I own nothing.

The great point about Flowing wealth is that the Divine is infinite, so the money, energy and love, too are infinite. This is a great contrast to believing in wealth. If I have wealth, I pay the plumber, and suddenly I have less wealth. But if I Flow wealth and pay the plumber, I’m actually richer because more must Flow in.

I didn’t just arrive at this belief. It came over a period of time and practice in knowing the truth of it. Here is a step-by-step guide to learning how to Flow:

  1. Gather your attention
  2. Rely on the Divine
  3. Give freely of your love, energy and wealth

How to perform the three steps.

1. Gather your attention: This step involves implementing a spiritual exercise in your life each day. The exercise focuses the attention, which is the Divine power as represented in the material world. Focusing this power is integral to Flow. I will give more instruction about how to do this in an upcoming blog post. But the heart of it is contemplation rather than meditation. In contemplation you focus your attention by reading valuable spiritual works. The most potent of these are by the great mystics such as Hafiz, Rumi, Lao Tze, and the contemporary Sri Gary Olsen. But the best writing for any individual is what he/she gravitates to most right now. Before I became a mystic, I read what came into my hands, what I was drawn to. This included the work of Thomas Moore and Deepak Chopra, among others who address soul’s journey. Today, during my spiritual exercise, as I read, I’ll notice my mind will want to wander, but I keep bringing it back to the text. This practice of taking charge of the attention is integral to Flow.

After the contemplation, my mood is always heightened, which is a great starting place for a day of Flow. Throughout the day, I constantly bring my attention back to this feeling of expansiveness.

2. Rely on the Divine: In this step, you stop calculating and relying upon money for safety and desire fulfillment. Years ago, before I knew about Flow, I used to keep a running tally of my bank balance in my head. Whenever I felt unsafe, I would calculate in hopes of feeling better. Sometimes the total would ease my fears, but often it would only aggravate them because, to the mind, there is never enough love, energy or money.

Today, whenever I feel fearful about money, I know it is only a cue from the Divine to re-center my attention on the love right here, right now. All Flow is created in the present moment, all wealth manifests here and now as well.

I do know people who don’t pay any attention to their finances, who spend wildly and have no money. Their practice requires taking more responsibility for their finances, though the same focus on the Divine applies. We’re looking for that middle point between too much focus on money and too little. It is not that I forget completely about my finances. I balance my checkbook and pay my bills on time. I simply don’t rely on money for safety. Any time I feel unsafe, I think of the Divine and feel the ease of that connection.

3. Give freely of your love, energy and wealth: This is where the gathered attention moves into physical action. Whenever called upon to pay anything, do so with love. I used to be so afraid about money that I would have anxiety attacks at the grocery store. I needed to buy food, but the expense of it filled me with uncontrollable fear. I sat through that fear, recognizing it as simply an emotion—not reality. Then I began to recast my thinking while buying and paying for anything.

First I acknowledged how the things I was buying would enhance my spiritual walk—nourishing food, clothing that makes me feel pretty and expansive, and house repairs that keep me sheltered and comfortable. Over time, I relaxed with this, and now I just see it all as Flow. Each day  I am blessed to give. I expand the concept to helping my loved ones and friends. Really, love, energy and money are just different forms of the great Divine Flow, so generosity with any of them will return the same to me.

Practice Steps:

  1. Do a spiritual practice for 5 to 30 minutes each morning, noting how your mind will want to run out, but lovingly bringing it back to the text before you. Practice this re-centering on the now as you go through your day.
  2. Each time during the day that your mind tries to rely on money for safety, gently draw the attention back to the state of love established in the morning practice and focus on the task before you.
  3. Whatever you are asked to give, whether love to your spouse, energy to work, or money to the plumber, do so with gratitude and a sense of the Flow, knowing that you have infinite wealth at your disposal and you must Flow it into your creation.

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