As I make this transition in my work from writing about outer travel to expressing my love of inner travel, my mind keeps wanting to rely. It dances all about, grabbing onto possible “sources” of income.

It wants to count the savings I have in the bank and rely on that, or dwell on my next update of Frommer’s Travel Guides, hoping that will sustain me. It tries to come up with a new scheme to make money. Marry a rich man? Occasionally that thought comes into the mix—though, at this stage in my life, not often.

Each time my mind reaches outward that way, I lovingly bring it back to the now. I’ve come to know that I only need to rely on the Divine source. When I bring my attention into the now, I become like the Rainbird, who does not drink from any puddle or pool. Instead she opens only to the limitless sustenance coming from on high. It is always there, so I know I need never fear any lack.

That doesn’t mean that I sit idly waiting for the money to rain into my life. What I find is that this truest of reliance fills me so full that I have no choice but to create beauty from it. As I drink daily of the eternal love, like the Rainbird, I sing Its glory, and with that flow, all that I need comes to me—and to those who hear the song as well.