I’m in the process of reinventing my career. My goal is to write less about travel and more about the inner adventure. Recently at a workshop I’m taking to help with the transition, I spent days with my mind spinning over my “content.”

“What is my message?” I kept asking myself.

That question and hundreds of others kept running through my head. I would land on one idea and think that’s it!, only to have it supplanted by another.

Finally one evening, while talking with a friend, the truth came. I was telling him about my spiritual path, about how it helps me come to know the God within me and, through that, my deepest dreams and desires are completely fulfilled.

“That’s it!” he said. “That’s your content.”

Suddenly my whole body relaxed and a deep sense of connection streamed through me. The feeling connected my head—which was no longer spinning—with my abdomen, my lower creative center. I was buzzing with blissful love.

A quiet voice inside me whispered, “Your content is now.”

As well as realizing what I truly wanted to write, I understood that I don’t have to know in advance what it will be. Each day my content will come through. I don’t have to control it or plan it. I can trust in the now.

I know that when I allow my highest viewpoint in the now to create, it produces the most brilliant work, and that perfectly shapes my journey. So my only destination is Now.

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