People often think that I’m independently wealthy, that I have a trust fund or some endless supply of cash. I used to defend myself: “I get my money the old fashioned way—I earn it!” I would insist. Then one day I asked myself, “Why am I defending the notion of hard work?” Of course I’m independently wealthy. My money—all my sustenance—comes from the Divine Source. Even better, I am it. I am a cell in the great body of the Creator, and the creator is all wealth, all love, all sustenance, so what does that make me? Independently wealthy.

With this truth comes great responsibility. No longer can I say that I have to work at this job or do that project. I’m here to spread this beautiful love and wealth that I am, so my responsibility is to do that in the best way I can. And that way is whatever brings me the most joy, whatever allows me to stay most connected to my source.

This doesn’t mean that I should drop everything that’s not easy and fun from my life; I have karma to work out, after all. But what I can do is continue to foster my contact with the Divine, to stay in the moment and create each day from my true heart, knowing that I am all sustenance, that nothing comes from these jobs or projects, and instead I channel to them. That way I can let the money come as it will—and sometimes it comes from the most unexpected places. Whatever happens, I always know that I am independently wealthy!

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