What I Believe is True, Is

Yesterday—a Wednesday—I spent much of my time on the couch watching The Tudors. I know, it sounds completely decadent—and in a way it was. But I felt awful, not sick, just exhausted from lack of sleep and too much activity.

Usually when I feel that way, I push—force myself to work—even if the result is marginal. But I’m seriously reconsidering that strategy. I continue to grasp more and more fully the fact that what I believe to be true, is.

If I believe that on days when I’m exhausted, I can stop and rest, then God will give me that ability. In fact, the Divine will reward it, just as he’s doing today by filling me with creative energy.

Again and again I’ve tested this theory of love and attraction over fear and force, and I’ve found it to be true. A few years ago, I resolved to get a massage twice a month. Most months, I do just that. I always have the money to pay for this luxurious necessity—now that I believe I can.

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