Today I’m working with a new attitude, toward writing and life. I’m seeing God, or my Higher Power, as my publisher. With this attitude, I relax and can be fully creative because it’s already all done–the goal is met. I’m published! All I need to do now is play on paper, and how free that makes me. My higher purpose is to channel the love out to this world and beyond. I don’t have to trouble myself with how it gets distributed. I only have to BE the love, BE in the moment and let the grace flow through.

It’s a surrendering of the notion of where the money in my life comes from. If I believe that God is my publisher, then I truly believe that all comes from there, rather than my minor efforts to put words to paper. Really, nothing comes from this concrete world–nothing. All that manifests here is an effect of a higher concept. So I AM consciousness and I channel to these parts of God’s body. I channel to the publishing world and I can create whatever I know I can create.

Everything here is an effect. So the money and success are all effects. All I need to do is be a willing channel and let the Universe–God–take care of everything!

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