I have this lovely art studio on my property that is soon to be vacated by the ceramics artist I’ve rented it to. The prospect of it sitting empty has frightened me for weeks because I’ve believed that the income from it helped pay my mortgage. However, this morning I saw the truth of this scenario. I saw how powerful an empty space can be. I’ve spent my life running from them, particularly the ones in my head, so I’ve quickly filled them with thoughts. But over the years, I’ve developed the practice of releasing thoughts whenever they enter my mind and instead coming into the present moment. Whenever I release one–often these are worries–I ask for guidance, and I always get it in the course of my morning contemplation or in a flash during the day.

So, I’ve been doing this with the studio, and this morning, the beautiful truth came in: that I can let God fill that space. It may be with an artist, or it may be with some classes on creativity that I’ve wanted to teach, or it may be with many artists and writers who need space to work. It’s really just a means for me to give, to act as a channel to raise all consciousness. Nothing comes from it; instead I channel to it, and to whomever God brings in to fill it.

I’m finding the same freedom can be applied to work. As a freelancer, I’ve always lined up the jobs and have been most comfortable when I have a full roster. But I’m rethinking that strategy. What if I let space open up in between projects and trusted God to fill it with work that would allow me the most opportunity to give (and thus receive)? Or to simply fill it with the loving openness of eternity. A few years ago, after a trip to Italy and France, I did this. I had some space and I didn’t fill it immediately, but instead simply enjoyed the freedom of it. In that empty space, God brought in a whole new home, with expansive views, and a wonderful art studio that soon will be empty, ready to be filled with love.

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