Today, the shortest day of the year, I woke up experiencing infinity–this sense that when I’m connected with my higher self I have access to all love, creativity and wealth; as much as I can give and thus receive, that is what’s available to me. The quantity of those qualities that I have in my life has nothing to do with the material world, with my job, my loved ones, or any other sources of “income.” I just put my attention at the third eye and imagine love, and poof, there it is! This is a power that is so strong it makes me immortal, all powerful, and eternal; all love, all life, all happiness, health, wealth–all of it is right here, right now, within me.

I can take that notion and bring in into my day. Today, I’m using it as a means of structuring how I work. Often I get caught in the mode of working a regular work week, mostly to stay in sync with those I collaborate with, but today I had a new vision–of letting go of those boundaries, being willing to give, which is how I think of my work, whenever the Higher Power would have me. It’s a tricky business, requiring suspension of my fears about “getting things done.” But within the notion is great freedom to create in any now. Some weeks, certainly, I have definite appointments to meet, but this new way of working is an attitude that can be used in any week’s structure. It’s a willingness to be open to what the moment brings, to stop and have a deep talk with a friend in the midst of the work day, or even with a stranger, or to sit down on a Friday when I’m tired and write something like this, just because it wants to come out!

Or, best of all, it may mean taking a nap after breakfast.

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