I woke this morning fearful because I was headed out once again to interview and shoot photos for my column in New Mexico Magazine. The fear has always gripped me before I go out on assignment. “What if I fail?” my mind always asks, again and again. But this morning, something new happened. I let myself entertain the notion. “What if I did fail? What if the story was bad and the photographs were even worse?” I sat there, and two wonderful words came to me: “So what!” With them came immense freedom. I realized that it’s only my ego that fears failure. It fears being exposed for the failure it thinks it is and that it invests much energy in hiding.

So, today, I head out on assignment with the permission to fail, to be a bad writer and photographer. What freedom is in that permission. From such freedom births true creativity. Yes, let’s all fail. What have we got to lose? Even if I am bad today, I’ll still be me. I’ll still be soul, connected to the golden thread of life. Nothing can take that from me. Whatever I do here in the material world is inconsequential when I know that I am love, that my true purpose is simply to distribute that love in whatever way I can. I need not worry about getting the words right or the camera setting precise; I can just BE the love and effortlessly send it out to the greater flow of love. And the final bonus: Whenever I operate from that place, the material creation always succeeds.

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