Lately I’ve been concentrating on the larger picture of my writing. This gives it much more meaning than simply an act to tell a story or get published. And it is a much larger act. It’s really about giving love, insight, and truth to myself and to others. I like to think of all of the Cosmos as One, and so, when I send out my little bit of truth, it resonates throughout all of consciousness, affecting not simply those who read the writing but the whole of life. Really, there is no time or space, there are no parameters, so why would anything we write be confined to publication? It’s all for me, really, the writer, but, if I’m willing to take the risk, it all resonates much farther.

As a practical exercise, try writing with this idea of giving. I find it loosens me up and lets the beauty flow. Such an exercise initiates outflow, which insures inflow of wonderful things.

Many blessings,

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