If you long for a moment of respite from the pressures of the world, you may find solace on this island in cyberspace.

With a background as a professional travel writer, I now write about the inner journey, the daily trek to that place within each of us that is full of love.

I offer you a free taste of that journey in The Inner Adventure Gift, an ebook of inspiring poems, quotes and images. Please sign up below; I will honor your privacy.

Lesley’s Adventure


When I was in my early twenties, I lost everything important to me. Three of my closest loved ones died suddenly in accidents, my mother bottomed out on depression, and my fiancé betrayed our trust. I had no money in the bank and had not eaten in days because of an illness. On a snowy winter night, I wanted nothing but to die. For the first time in my life, I called out to the Divine for help. I didn’t believe in any power but my own, but I called anyway.

Transported into a New Life


Dog Dreams

On the bike trail when I fall on rocks and cry over a hurt arm, The rottweiler appears, growling, fangs bared. I jump on my bike and pedal away. On the hiking trail, the husky lunges at our dog strains against his leash snarls and barks. I run, pulling our dog along...

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The Ocean Life

I am a sea creature swimming in the Beloved's warm current. I fly, flip and turn in perfect weightlessness. Never do I have to return to that dense, land-locked realm Where each step leaves a heavy footprint. Here, in the blissful blue, I float on wonder, breathing...

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Little Bird

The bird hits my windshield. “Oh no!” I exclaim, as its fluffy little body launches upward and then plummets to the pavement. My heart clenches, but I call inward to the Source. “What do I do?” The message comes fast. “Get the bird.” I turn the car around, drive back,...

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Reviews & Endorsements

Lesley’s posts extend my contemplations to richer and deeper levels. 

—Rudy Anderson

Reviews & Endorsements


Lesley’s writing disarms the mind in order for soul to drink deeply. 

—Jamie Pitts

Reviews and Endorsements

All Is Love is just as inspiring as the book before it! What a gift to spiritual seekers everywhere.

—Stephanie Comi


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