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When I was in my early twenties, I lost everything important to me. Three of my closest loved ones died suddenly in accidents, my mother bottomed out on depression, and my fiancé betrayed our trust. I had no money in the bank and had not eaten in days because of an illness. On a snowy winter night, I wanted nothing but to die. For the first time in my life, I called out to the Divine for help. I didn’t believe in any power but my own, but I called anyway.

Transported into a New Life

Lesley’s Books

All In for Love


The Baby Pact


You Won’t Drown

You Won’t Drown

  Dear one, the worry within you that darkens your day is but a squall moving across the great ocean of your being. You may get wet but you won’t drown, if you stay with the Friend. Truly, you are the entire ocean, the sky, the rain drops, the light shining...

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You Are a Great Explorer

You Are a Great Explorer

  You, my dear, are not that sinner that hater that worm groveling in the subterranean dark. You, my love, are a great explorer of this vast, fecund world with its gooey saliva spit its sharp edges that cut to the very bone its naïve kisses in the backseat of a...

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Even This Is Love

Even This Is Love

  Even the forest fire smoke that triggers a head ache and stings my eyes… that is Love. The heat of these rainless days that makes me squirm and itch in bed… Love. The darkest memory, the one where love died and died again leaving what felt like none… Love. All...

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Lesley’s posts extend my contemplations to richer and deeper levels. 

—Rudy Anderson

Reviews & Endorsements


Lesley’s writing disarms the mind in order for soul to drink deeply. 

—Jamie Pitts

Reviews and Endorsements

All Is Love is just as inspiring as the book before it! What a gift to spiritual seekers everywhere.

—Stephanie Comi


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