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And For No Reason

Please enjoy this poem by the 14th-century mystic, Hafiz. And For No Reason And for no reason I start skipping like a child.   And for no reason I turn into a leaf that is carried so high I kiss the Sun’s mouth and dissolve.   And for no reason a thousand birds choose my […]

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Na Pali, Kauai

I Will Always Want You

I will always want you The Beloved says to me. I think back to my mother who didn’t When I was born The lovers who did But then left or I left them The employers who did But paid little and pushed hard And then disappeared The friends who I no longer see The wine […]

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My friend Thomas gave me this poem recently. I couldn’t resist sharing. Wine Blessed One I am the grape You crushed To make the wine Of my soul Thomas Reidy lives in the Santa Fe area, where he designs and builds homes and art studios. His poetry flows in through his ever-deepening relationship with the […]

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Five-Star Ambiance

As a travel writer, one of my duties has been to rate accommodations. Of course I have an ideal against which I measure all. These hotels or resorts possess a five-star ambiance. A room in such a place might have thick Persian rugs on maple floors, gold tile in the Jacuzzi bath and silk bed […]

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We Are Gladiators

“What we do in life, echoes in eternity.”—Maximus, The Gladiator Recently, I committed to bringing my new creations into the world—my website and novel. Since then, I have become a gladiator. The critics have arrived to show me my foolishness, to tell me I shouldn’t publish, that instead I should start again, try harder, think […]

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The Most Sacred Place on Earth—Revealed

I have been blessed to travel to many of the world’s most sacred sites, places that foster sublime spiritual experiences. But one stands out above them all. With cool stone floors and soaring architecture, the holy structures of the Vatican, Thailand’s Wat Pho and the Egyptian pyramids lifted my spirits. Meanwhile, the great holy cities […]

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Find Your Inner Wine

I grew up in a family that worshipped the great spirit alcohol. And I did my best to devote myself to its essence. I drank cases of Coors in high school and gallons of margaritas in college. Then I embarked on a promising gin-and-tonic practice, enhanced with cocaine use. My calling was cut short, when […]

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