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Shed Your Shell

Oh crab with no permanent home you know truth that we inhabit shell after shell only as a means to our true identity.   You shed your home so readily. As you grow you take up a new conch or snail abode.   Only the Beloved can ease my grip on this temporary flesh and […]

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We Fall So We Can Rise

On a cloudy autumn day I pedal my bike along a ridge to a hilltop strewn with piñon trees, distant mountains visible in every direction. Elation brims over within me. I turn my bike downhill on a crazy-fun romp. I bank turns, skirt around trees and grind though gravel patches. A broad smile stretches across […]

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Harmony of the Whole

On my morning walk through the piñon forest surrounding my house I suddenly note a sharp pain in my knee. It is on the inner part just below my kneecap. I call on the Beloved and get the sense to adjust my gait so that I am not so forward. The pain eases enough so […]

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Why We Are Here

“We have a human body in order to discover our own spiritual essence, and for no other reason. We are not down here simply to create a family, we do not incarnate just to work on an assembly line, and we are not here merely to find the ideal mate or to wear beautiful clothes. […]

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The Lover’s Breath

The Light and Sound teachings, of which I am a student, instruct that we incarnate into every physical form in our journey to know our true God selves. This happens along an evolutionary continuum, and yet since time and space are an illusion, it occurs in the now. This is the basis for my poem. […]

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I Am the Creator

Recently I turned down a book contract. Even as I write this I shake my head, incredulous. This might very well be an author’s greatest sin. But I had to. The Beloved has shown me that the physical world is practice. It is the playground where I hone my skills that ultimately take me into […]

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Soul for President

I posted this before, but am reposting it—a perfect reminder for election day. P.S. Loving thanks to my subscribers. If you enjoyed this post and are not subscribed, sign up below to receive future ones in your email box. To share on Facebook and Twitter, click below as well.

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I Am Love

Thoughts become things. Thoughts of God become love.

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God’s Triple-Tiered Love Cake with Bliss Icing

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”—Rumi Today is my mother and brother’s birthday. For our little brunch party, I supply dessert: chocolate cake layered with mousse. Though my mouth salivates at the sight of the delicacy, do I dare eat it? At this point in my life, even a little dessert […]

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Where There’s a Hill, There’s a Way

Recently I got a new bicycle. It is shiny red and black with a little flame near the handlebars. Though I have been an avid cycler since I was a child, for various reasons I have not ridden in several years. Now I am back in the saddle. On my first day I head into […]

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