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My Perfect Teaching

The pain in my stomach the wrangling with my neighbor the bills the restless winter nights, these are the water in which I learn to swim.   “Can’t I just stand on shore while You teach me?” the mind pleads.   “No.”   I dive in so the Beloved can show me how easily I […]

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Swim in Love

My challenges are simply the water through which I learn to swim.

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Red Cherries & Divine Love

  Divine love—that blissful, quiet stillness within, is real. Every thought, emotion, thing is illusion. I relish the purr of my kitten, the vanilla scent of a ponderosa forest, the taste of sweet cherries, the cool zing of ocean water, laughing with friends and bottomless sleep. I rely on the real. And the photo? Ramah […]

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Swim in the Ocean of Love: 3 Ways

When I swim, I’m like a dolphin. I roll and flip in the gravity-free expanse. I speed along and dive deep. I leap off the bottom and fly through the air. Likely, fellow swimmers think I’m crazy. But I can’t help it—I’m overflowing with bliss. I feel the great wonder of the Ocean of Love […]

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