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The Emergency of Love

It’s Saturday night, and just as I settle under the bed covers, the phone rings. I pick up and hear the voice of my mother’s caregiver. “She has a nosebleed that’s not stopping.” I call on the Beloved. My mom comes on the line. “I’m pressing the button,” she says, meaning her Lifeline, a signal […]

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How to Grow God

Through my daily spiritual practice, I prepare the soil and plant the seed. The Divine graces the flower.

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Dive Deep in the Ocean of Love

My very first glimpse of a reef woke me to a new world. As I relished the warm water and hung weightless, my eyes took in a fairyland of colors and my being filled with transcendent bliss. Over the years, I’ve found that exploring the ocean’s depths can teach me a lot about penetrating my […]

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I Love to Pay the Plumber

I hear it in the night, the palest noise: drip, drip, drip. Of course I know what it is—we all do—that familiar sound of a leaky faucet. It is so quiet, so benign, and yet it has the power to steal my attention and make me squirm in my bed. In its syncopated rhythm nestles […]

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