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These flash floods tear through and erode one’s homeland. They wash away the topsoil and leave in their wake gullies, ditches and silt.   The first impulse— divert the flow off the land, renunciate it, so it won’t cause so much trouble!   But then the Divine presents a perma-love way: use the flow to […]

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You’ve Got a Friend

Winter Spring Summer Or Fall All you have to do is call And I’ll be there. You’ve got a Friend.—James Taylor

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What Are You Searching For?

You alone are the object of your search.—Sri Gary Olsen, Soul’s Divine Journey P.S. If this quote resonates with you, so may the whole book, which is available for free at www.masterpath.org.

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Expand into the True Self

All experience expands my viewpoint as I come to live the love that I am. Petroglyph: Southeastern New Mexico

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The Baby Pact Trailer

I spent a decade writing a novel about a woman who races for a dream and gets something even better. Here is the video trailer. (Click on the cowgirl hat.) Please click here to learn more about The Baby Pact. At your local bookstore and on Amazon in October  

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