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Harmony of the Whole

On my morning walk through the piñon forest surrounding my house I suddenly note a sharp pain in my knee. It is on the inner part just below my kneecap. I call on the Beloved and get the sense to adjust my gait so that I am not so forward. The pain eases enough so […]

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The Joy of Air

Creativity is about suspending thought and living in the airy state of Divinity. This video is a delicious illustration. For the best experience, watch it full screen. Thanks to Bryan Smith of Reel Water Productions. For some lighter-than-air reading, check out Running Waterfalls.

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The Baby Pact Trailer

I spent a decade writing a novel about a woman who races for a dream and gets something even better. Here is the video trailer. (Click on the cowgirl hat.) Please click here to learn more about The Baby Pact. At your local bookstore and on Amazon in October  

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Master the Steepest Life Challenges: 3 Crucial Tips

I started skiing when I was four, so by the time I became an adult, I liked nothing more than to stand at the top of a vertical chute, point my skis downhill and leap into the sublime. Over the years, I’ve come to see that every skill I use to ski Double Black Diamond […]

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