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Wag Your Tail

Be a service dog for consciousness shepherding patience into the world. Lie at your Master’s feet awaiting Its direction panting for Its every whim.   Walk with that Power alert for moments to aid with your simple Presence the sick the hungry the empty hearts the lost souls wandering like zombies life’s endless cul-de-sac.   One […]

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Thank the Shadow

It seems its only job is to thwart me, that illness that shrivels my strength to a crinkly rose petal that neighbor whose threats break down doors into may past where I once huddled shivering that job that presses like a spring gale always wanting more.   But when I call on the Beloved I see. . […]

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Scrooge Buys a Tree

Last year just a few days after I bought a Christmas tree for my mother, it died. Its needles dried to a frank crispness, its color turned a dull sage. It shed itself onto the carpet and transformed into Charlie Brown’s original tree. All because I had a Scrooge attitude. When I set out on […]

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