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The Best of Everyone Exists Here, Now

My mind feared facing life after my mother passed on to her next adventure. However, I’ve come to see that when I stay with the Beloved, the moments of sadness come and I cry and then they go. I stay in the now and let them pass like waves. They soften me and open my […]

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Where There’s a Hill, There’s a Way

Recently I got a new bicycle. It is shiny red and black with a little flame near the handlebars. Though I have been an avid cycler since I was a child, for various reasons I have not ridden in several years. Now I am back in the saddle. On my first day I head into […]

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Dare to Live Now

I’ve always been a thrill-seeker. I have skied some of the steepest slopes on the planet, climbed granite walls hundreds of feet above the ground and paddled a kayak off waterfalls. But my greatest thrill these days takes place while I sit quietly in a chair. When I let go of mind’s grip on the […]

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