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The Spring of Soul

Winds pummel piñons While above A cirrus smile.

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Silence and Stillness

  Rime Ice Aspens shot in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains above Santa Fe

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Live Your Dream

I walk room-to-room with a willowy woman who loves her cats. As we look over the garage, she talks of them, the ones from her past, who have died, and the two in her present life, who remind her of the past ones. She ticks off their names, so many cats that I grow confused. […]

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Open to Love

We never lose anything nor anyone. We simply open to more love

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The Exotic Inner Landscape

I traveled to distant lands To find The lushness of a rain forest The expansive freedom of the desert The salty weightlessness in the ocean The rich surprise of a new culture The soaring elevation of a mountaintop The heart-pounding thrill of whitewater The silent peace of a cathedral The intoxicating bliss of new love […]

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Before Your Gates

I heard this poem read more than a year ago and it has stayed with me. The other day I ran into the poet. Blessed timing. Before Your Gates At last, Beloved, this insurgent stands before Your gates, without a guard or chains. I bring no army; I make no demands. Blood-stained and battle-weary from […]

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My Lesson from Boston

Every experience is a journey in spirit. A poem by my friend Mary Johnston illustrates this perfectly. My Lesson from Boston There was a terrorist attack at my front door today The bomb was constructed meticulously with wires of worry and angst over all that had to be done in a day The explosive fuel […]

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Make the Mind Your Friend

Today, for the first time, my mother’s dog and my cat will meet. The prospect of this makes my mouth dry and my heart pound. I want them to be friends, so that we can spend time together as a family. Even more importantly, if my cat, Arjuna, could spend the days I care for […]

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The Temple Within

The beauty of the outer reflects the temple within.

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Nutty New Year Affirmations

I walnut fail. I can pecanfident. I cashew all negativity. Al-mond my willful ways. I let others have their own piñons. I am chestnut going to let things get to me. I love myself even though I am acorny person. I must peanuts to think these will work. I’d better call on the help of […]

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