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Invest in Me

I put money in real estate in the stock market in that high-yield CD. Goosebumps pimple the skin. How much will I make? the mind wonders.   The balance rises as I count the riches a warm blanket of safety across my life.   But then…always the condo sits vacant the Dow tumbles I need […]

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Dwell in Love

I see a stunning scarlet poppy field backed by blue mountains, the beauty easing my being on a cold Monday morning. But then I look at the source of this image on my Facebook timeline and my sense of peace turns to ire. “How dare she post this with no credit to the photographer!” I […]

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The Stunning Higher View

Sitting in my car I don my sun hat and lace up my boots in preparation for a morning hike. My phone rings, and when I answer, I hear the voice of the attorney for our neighborhood association. He sounds earnest as he asks how I am. My heartbeat accelerates, assuming he is calling to […]

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Be the Harmony You Want to See in the World

I sit in court on the witness stand while the opposition tries to discredit me. “In 2008, did you misread the well meter by thousands of gallons?” the opposing attorney asks. I call on the Beloved. “Yes,” I say. My foot bobs and my voice shakes, but I sit tall and hold my head high. […]

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