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My Perfect Teaching

The pain in my stomach the wrangling with my neighbor the bills the restless winter nights, these are the water in which I learn to swim.   “Can’t I just stand on shore while You teach me?” the mind pleads.   “No.”   I dive in so the Beloved can show me how easily I […]

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Love with Impunity

Tentative love, like a bubble blown through a child’s wand. Pop, and it disappears.   It’s like the falling of all daisy petals with one single uttering of “He loves me not.”   Really, love, LOVE, is more like air always present. The more one exhales the more rushes in to fill our lungs.   […]

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Wag Your Tail

Be a service dog for consciousness shepherding patience into the world. Lie at your Master’s feet awaiting Its direction panting for Its every whim.   Walk with that Power alert for moments to aid with your simple Presence the sick the hungry the empty hearts the lost souls wandering like zombies life’s endless cul-de-sac.   One […]

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Be An Optimystic

Here are some definitions that may help you navigate your path. O’clocked – A blow to the head from believing time is real. Exasterbate – What mind does when it thinks there’s a problem. Déjà Poo – The feeling that you’ve heard this crap before. Mindful – Bearing in mind. Aware. Focused on the moment’s […]

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Fear is But a Doorway to Freedom

Years ago, my spiritual teacher was speaking to a large group when suddenly a man in the audience stood up and, with fury in his eyes, yelled, “Why do we have to listen to you? Why can’t any one else talk?” My teacher’s answer was simple: The audience was there to hear a spiritual Master […]

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