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What If?

What if I can be love no matter what’s going on in my physical body, with my house or in the world?   That is the Beloved’s promise.   Whenever I put my attention on that Power, I am.

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The Most Beautiful Pumpkin

In the patch I find the most beautiful pumpkin. Shaped like a compressed heart, it is symmetrical with a charcoal stem orange of a desert sunset.   I will give it to my friend. He will put it on his table and be joyous at its splendor.   I search and search for one as […]

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The Eternal Flame

The more I own my true self, the more brightly the inner flame burns and the more it reflects in my life as form. Recently I had the opportunity to discuss The Inner Adventure blog on The Mary Jones Show, a radio show in Connecticut. I’ve been doing some radio interviews lately, mostly about my […]

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