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Discover What You Are

Once upon a time, you were One.

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Soul’s Great Gear

I’ve always appreciated good gear. It’s a fabulous feeling to be out in a spectacular landscape with the wind blowing and sleet pelting, and yet be completely warm and comfortable. Our lower bodies—physical, emotional, mental—are the great gear for our soul. They take the hit of the elements, while soul sits safely ensconced, unharmed, unwavering. […]

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The Temple Within

The beauty of the outer reflects the temple within.

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The Beloved’s Playlist

I awaken with a quiet lethargy. It tugs at me like a lead weight pulling me deep into the ocean. But I rise from my bed, do my spiritual practice, and head into the world. I drive to the grocery store, and on the way, the weight bears down again. After a week of restless […]

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I Am Love

Thoughts become things. Thoughts of God become love.

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My Beloved Stands Before Me

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Dive Deep in the Ocean of Love

My very first glimpse of a reef woke me to a new world. As I relished the warm water and hung weightless, my eyes took in a fairyland of colors and my being filled with transcendent bliss. Over the years, I’ve found that exploring the ocean’s depths can teach me a lot about penetrating my […]

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