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Why We Are Here

“We have a human body in order to discover our own spiritual essence, and for no other reason. We are not down here simply to create a family, we do not incarnate just to work on an assembly line, and we are not here merely to find the ideal mate or to wear beautiful clothes. […]

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Every Cell in My Body

Every cell in my body is the micro of the macro.   Every atom within me vibrates reflecting upon my whole world.   When I keep my attention on my Beloved, the highest possible existence manifests.

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Launch In

I wake in the dark at midnight, my mind with an imperative command: Launch my novel, The Baby Pact. The thought is so unyielding and potent that I throw aside my covers to climb out of bed so I can head to my computer. Yes, I will do a launch, and I will begin NOW. […]

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Find Your Inner Wine – Part 2

We are each adventurers on an eternal quest to know the Holy Grail that is our true self. I began to understand this after I lost my loved ones. I was completely adrift. It seemed that all my sources of love had disappeared. And the losses continued. My mother bottomed out on alcohol and my […]

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