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The Best of Everyone Exists Here, Now

My mind feared facing life after my mother passed on to her next adventure. However, I’ve come to see that when I stay with the Beloved, the moments of sadness come and I cry and then they go. I stay in the now and let them pass like waves. They soften me and open my […]

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Let the War Rage

Years ago, my father, who was a great fan of U.S. history, told me that President Abraham Lincoln chose not to end the Civil War because he knew if the pressure were off, the amendment to the U.S. Constitution abolishing slavery would not happen. I never fully understood what my father meant until I saw […]

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We Are Gladiators

“What we do in life, echoes in eternity.”—Maximus, The Gladiator Recently, I committed to bringing my new creations into the world—my website and novel. Since then, I have become a gladiator. The critics have arrived to show me my foolishness, to tell me I shouldn’t publish, that instead I should start again, try harder, think […]

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