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Nestle in with the Moonflowers

I used to think love blossomed in an edgy brilliance like those thistle flowers too prickly to touch and then surely eaten by night rabbits.   But then the Beloved took my hand and flew me into a hurricane the cool blooming chaos of my dreams.   All my worst fears swirled there in the […]

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The Budding Self

If I could only see myself the way I see my garden…   In its fledgling flax and parched penstemon I see graceful limbs and bold blossoms opening to the desert sun.   In the microscopic thyme that barely survived the winter, I see a brave heart. Kneeling to it, I say, “I thought you […]

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Hear the Music

I concentrate to play each note right Pluck the base, strum the treble. Focus on the beat, one-two-three-four. Oh, but don’t forget the syncopation!   Then comes the arpeggio: Fingers move so fast they crash into each other!   And of course the words: I must sing in tune and remember the harmony.   Ahhh—I […]

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When the Lights Go Out

  When the lights go out in your house and you can’t even find a candle…   When yellow gas seeps under the door frame and through the vents…   Hold steady and call on the Brilliant One inside.   That light is brighter than the darkness that hides in every corner and nook— that […]

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Born in Winter

If you were born and lived exclusively in winter you might believe that only gray skies and frozen fields exist. You might adapt and learn to love the shimmering flesh of snow. You might master throwing snowballs and appreciate sleeping long hours in the abundant darkness.   But you would not know the tender poppy […]

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My friend Thomas gave me this poem recently. I couldn’t resist sharing. Wine Blessed One I am the grape You crushed To make the wine Of my soul Thomas Reidy lives in the Santa Fe area, where he designs and builds homes and art studios. His poetry flows in through his ever-deepening relationship with the […]

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Red Cherries & Divine Love

  Divine love—that blissful, quiet stillness within, is real. Every thought, emotion, thing is illusion. I relish the purr of my kitten, the vanilla scent of a ponderosa forest, the taste of sweet cherries, the cool zing of ocean water, laughing with friends and bottomless sleep. I rely on the real. And the photo? Ramah […]

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Love Energy

  Today I teach a writing class. I wake with a shiver of trepidation in my spine. Yes, I am charged by the idea of giving what I know to a group of interested students. But what overshadows that is a fear that during this all-day course, I will run out of energy. Energy has, […]

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Happy 2012!

May you live in the peace of your true Self and spin that love throughout the Cosmos.

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Divine Light Show

Wishing you a joyful holiday. Thank you for reading! Many blessings, Lesley

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