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The Taste of Humility

Oh Cilantro, most benign of herbs, why do so many despise you?   Even Rosemary, with her piney sharpness, doesn’t endure such scorn.   And Thyme, with all his pungency, fields little grief.   Meanwhile Sage, exuding bitterness, rarely invokes a complaint.   And of course, everyone loves that Sweet Basil.   While your cousin […]

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The Inner Harvest

A stroll the the farmers’ market reveals the inner bounty.

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Road to Freedom

Let’s take the Mother Road, Tasting en route the sparking-fat diners the creaky court motels, where we’ll lay waste to the flesh, and carve our initials in the illusion of love, Knowing the real thing waits within ignited by our Friend, Who’s driving us Home.

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Five-Star Ambiance

As a travel writer, one of my duties has been to rate accommodations. Of course I have an ideal against which I measure all. These hotels or resorts possess a five-star ambiance. A room in such a place might have thick Persian rugs on maple floors, gold tile in the Jacuzzi bath and silk bed […]

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Nutty New Year Affirmations

I walnut fail. I can pecanfident. I cashew all negativity. Al-mond my willful ways. I let others have their own piñons. I am chestnut going to let things get to me. I love myself even though I am acorny person. I must peanuts to think these will work. I’d better call on the help of […]

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Love Smorgasbord: All You Can Eat

What my physical body thinks I eat: What my emotions think I eat: What my mind thinks I eat: What I really eat: Photo credits: Emotions and cloud: Einstein:

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The Most Sacred Place on Earth—Revealed

I have been blessed to travel to many of the world’s most sacred sites, places that foster sublime spiritual experiences. But one stands out above them all. With cool stone floors and soaring architecture, the holy structures of the Vatican, Thailand’s Wat Pho and the Egyptian pyramids lifted my spirits. Meanwhile, the great holy cities […]

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