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I Am the Hibiscus

I am the hibiscus through which the Beloved imparts Its fragrance. Image: Kauai at dawn

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Why We Are Here

“We have a human body in order to discover our own spiritual essence, and for no other reason. We are not down here simply to create a family, we do not incarnate just to work on an assembly line, and we are not here merely to find the ideal mate or to wear beautiful clothes. […]

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Dwell in Love

I see a stunning scarlet poppy field backed by blue mountains, the beauty easing my being on a cold Monday morning. But then I look at the source of this image on my Facebook timeline and my sense of peace turns to ire. “How dare she post this with no credit to the photographer!” I […]

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Look Up

So often in our days we gaze downward. Look what can happen with a simple change of viewpoint.   Image: Nordski Trail, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Santa Fe, NM

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Live Your Dream

I walk room-to-room with a willowy woman who loves her cats. As we look over the garage, she talks of them, the ones from her past, who have died, and the two in her present life, who remind her of the past ones. She ticks off their names, so many cats that I grow confused. […]

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Freedom Resides Within

Just as the desire to explore and take great journeys arises within, so does the desire to rise above these earthly entanglements. The challenges are not imposed from the outside. Instead they arise from the innermost desire for our Beloved freedom.

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My Lesson from Boston

Every experience is a journey in spirit. A poem by my friend Mary Johnston illustrates this perfectly. My Lesson from Boston There was a terrorist attack at my front door today The bomb was constructed meticulously with wires of worry and angst over all that had to be done in a day The explosive fuel […]

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The Joy of Air

Creativity is about suspending thought and living in the airy state of Divinity. This video is a delicious illustration. For the best experience, watch it full screen. Thanks to Bryan Smith of Reel Water Productions. For some lighter-than-air reading, check out Running Waterfalls.

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Waltz with the Beloved

With a phone to my ear, I pace from my kitchen to my living room and back. My palms sweat. My throat constricts and my heart beats fast. Occasionally a voice within says, “You’re failing. This is terrible.” But I ignore it, call on my Beloved and keep talking. No, I’m not breaking up with […]

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Game On

With a prompt from my publisher I open a document and read the first unfavorable review for my novel, The Baby Pact. It is inevitable. I have received a number of positive ones so I knew a negative one would likely come. After all, that is the dual way of the lower worlds. What surprises […]

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