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Please enjoy this guest post by my friend Logan Jo’el. Cellmates See them? Many have come, many have gone, yet among them we are. Curse them today, bless them tomorrow Still amongst you are they. Don’t run away from or despise them Hold them too tightly they may slip away from your grasp. Our Beloved […]

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No Identity But Love

I’m working peacefully at my computer when I glance out the window and see a six-foot cedar post. I stand to look more closely and come to find that my neighbor is erecting a coyote fence between her property and mine. Immediately, my mind goes into emergency mode. It’s alarmed about the fence placement, which […]

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Be the Harmony You Want to See in the World

I sit in court on the witness stand while the opposition tries to discredit me. “In 2008, did you misread the well meter by thousands of gallons?” the opposing attorney asks. I call on the Beloved. “Yes,” I say. My foot bobs and my voice shakes, but I sit tall and hold my head high. […]

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